Deadly Whispers by Rebecca D'Argenne

Deadly Whispers is a short-read paranormal crime noir series featuring Lacy Underwood, an unapologetically strong female protagonist navigating a fine line between helping the dead and protecting herself from the consequences of her gift. This edition features books 1 – 5.

Lacy Underwood can speak to the dead, including the ex she killed in self-defence. While Lacy’s ex blackmails her from beyond, other ghostly visitors seek out Lacy to do things for them in the world of the living, such as leading local police Detective Mike Collins to the scenes of their murders. But now dark forces fight to control Lacy for access to her gift. Meanwhile the body count accumulates around her new boyfriend Daniel, who might just want to kill her.

“Exciting, witty, sexy”

“fast-paced with unexpected turns”

“racy and pacy”

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