Scarlett Ripley

Scarlett Ripley pens the series A Story of Giants, a fantasy series based on String Theory. She loves to blend fantasy, science fiction, adventure, romance, and self-actualization in her writing, giving her stories a broad appeal beyond traditional fantasy-genre books. All of her writing features strong female protagonists. In addition to the continuing A Story of Giants series, Scarlett is working on a modern-day gothic romance, Death Knows, which will be out later this year. Scarlett also has a website of her own, link below.

Check out the book trailer below. Please turn on your sound for this one, it’s lovely.

NEW YA Modern Fantasy Series – First Book Out Now!

Scarlett has just released A Story of Giants – Book 1.

What if I told you that we are not alone, that our world is but one of many, and that Giants walk among us?

A young woman emerges as a Warrior hero and fights to protect what she has come to love.
Leanna Salinger won’t open her heart to anyone beyond her younger sister, Violet. Everyone else she loves is gone. But when their internal abilities awaken, the young women discover the truth behind their beloved grandmother’s stories. We are not alone. Our world is but one of many on an infinite string. Leanna is a Warrior Giant, measures not by physical size but by the power of her gifts. Giants, under the supervision of the Council, travel the realm and keep watch over the worlds guided by principles of humility and compassion. Leanna is asked to join their ranks with there other newly-emerged Giants, training under the surly and watchful eye of celebrated Warrior Lieutenant Gyan. As Leanna and her compatriots embark on a multi-world quest to stop insurgent Giants from overthrowing the Council, Leanna must overcome a past which has come to define her and open her heart to the man who loves her.

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