He Likes to Watch

book 1 of the deadly whispers series

Rebecca D'Argenne

Lacy Underwood has a secret. She can talk to dead people. Sometimes she helps them. Sometimes they make her do things. But they are always watching. Always. Now Lacy is in trouble, and only the dead can save her.

Kiss Me, Kill Me

book 2 of the deadly whispers series

Rebecca D'Argenne

A voice from the dead tells Lacy Underwood that her new lover is a killer. Should she believe it? Is she in danger? What if she can’t give him up?

The Road Less Traveled

book 1 of the drifter series

Randy Cummings

Meet the Drifter. He roams from town to town, trying to forget the past. But when trouble arrives, it wants to pull him back in, to save someone he left behind. Will he listen?

The Day Earth Ended

book 1 of Sex & murder in space

Jack Flynn

As the Earth burns, fifteen castaways make a last-minute escape into space on Airship Five. One of them is a killer, meticulously out to murder the others, one by one.

A Killer On Board

book 2 of sex & murder in space

Jack Flynn

‘It would be hard to fake that scream,’ he said.

As Airship Five ascends into space, the passengers learn more about the mission. But nothing makes sense and another passenger is murdered. Why were they chosen? And who is next?

The Place at the End of the Road

book 2 of the drifter series

Randy Cummings

Even the Dead Tell Lies

book 3 of the deadly whispers series

Rebecca D'Argenne

The Robots Among Us


Jack Flynn

Deadly Whispers 1-3

He Likes to Watch; Kiss Me, Kill Me; Even the Dead Tell Lies

Rebecca D'Argenne

Now out as a single volume, Books 1  –  5 of the Deadly Whispers Series.

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

Rebecca D'Argenne

Just what is a ‘Spicy Martini’? If one of our books has the Spicy Martini logo on our page, it means that particular book has a bit more graphic sex-ay times in it than our other books.  If you aren’t looking for erotic, take a pass and enjoy one of our other titles. However, if you are looking for a spicier read, enjoy!

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